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Reconnecting to Nature Weekend: Processing Acorns for Food; Healing with Plants; Developing Relationship with Plants and Place, with John Slattery, herbalist, forager, author.

Location: Lough Dan, County Wicklow, Ireland.
Dates: September 29-30, 2018
Times: Saturday 9.30-5pm
Sunday 10am-4.30pm

Workshop fee - 250 Euro *includes meal Saturday evening, breakfast and acorn feast on Sunday
Saturday only - 140 Euro, includes meal Saturday evening

Sunday only - 150Euro, includes acorn feast

Are you excited to learn more about the healing and edible plants in your area?
Looking to feel restored through time spent in Nature? To develop a deeper
connection to the natural world around you?

In this 2-day workshop led by herbalist and forager, John Slattery, we will explore
the fundamental aspects of bioregional herbalism: developing a relationship with
place and the plants within it. This endeavor leads us to the study of field botany,
respectful wildcrafting and participation with our environment, plant energetics,
landscape observation, developing and exercising the senses (particularly the
feeling sense), herbal medicine making, and applying these medicines for wellbeing
and healing, utilizing our knowledge of our homeland and plant energetics.
Becoming bioregional in our approach is something akin to how our ancestors
lived, their relationship with the local landscape nourished them, healed
them, and the natural world around them was seen as living and fluid.
If you are called to develop relationship with the plants around you for food and
medicine, but unsure how to begin, then this workshop is just for you.
Also, if you have been gathering knowledge about the plants around you, but
would like to go deeper, this workshop is also for you.
In addition to plant identification we’ll also explore different applications of plants
based upon their energetics. What are plant energetics? This will be explored
through tasting simple plant preparations (teas, tinctures) as a group and
observing and discussing what we feel upon ingesting them. John’s skill in
coalescing these group explorations into a tapestry of teachings enables each
participant to gain the knowledge that’s available to them at that moment.
The exercises in this workshop will introduce the participant to a method of
learning which is empowering, distinctly individualized, unusually contextual, and
highly experiential.

Sunday - Acorns: Gathering, Eating, Ancient Lore
In this information-packed, hands-on workshop, John will take the participants                        through all the steps of processing acorns for food, and provide recipes for preparing  your leached acorn meal.
We’ll take a walk through the old oak grove, fully process acorns to prepare them
for cooking, and enjoy a delicious acorn and foraged food meal to wrap up the
day. All participants will get hands-on experience with processing acorns, and
everyone will leave with the knowledge and experience to properly process all
acorns for food.

John will also be sharing from his experience of working with Ogham, the ancient
language of the trees. We’ll explore the ancient Irish language of Ogham and
how it may relate not only to the trees and plants in our midst, but also our
ancestors, where we come from, how we learn from Nature, and how her
mystery is communicated to and through us. When the language is interwoven
with the expression of nature there is inherent wisdom in the sound and meaning.
The teachings simply unfold before us.

We’ll process dry acorns and turn them into a ready to use flour using basic tools
and techniques. There are so many ways to utilize acorn flour in your everyday
home cooking, and John will provide a variety of suggestions for you to take
home as we’ll also prepare a group feast to wrap up and celebrate our time
There is no equipment or prior experience necessary to participate in this class.
Just bring an open mind and willingness to learn. Each participant will receive
handouts detailing the acorn processing procedures we'll cover in class.

Be sure to indicate upon registration if you do intend to camp so we can get a count on
who’ll be spending the night.
Optional 2nd Workshop
October 6-7, 2018, more details available soon.
Workshops will take place in a private oak forest near Lough Dan. Wild camping is available on Saturday night for those who wish to stay, facilities limited, no extra charge. Accommodation available in the area, a list of B&B's will be provided on booking, or feel free to return home if you live nearby.
John is a bioregional herbalist helping people develop deep and meaningful relationship
with wild plants. His work has been widely influenced by indigenous plant healers from
throughout the Americas, herbalist Michael Moore, and most importantly, the plants and
wild places of the Sonoran desert. He founded Desert Tortoise Botanicals, a bioregional
herbal product company, in Tucson, AZ in 2005 in order to bring his wildharvested plant
medicines to the people of the Southwest, and Desert Forager, a foraged foods
company, in 2014. He founded the Sonoran Herbalist Apprenticeship Program in 2010.
John is a practicing herbalist, educator, author, and forager. His first book, Southwest
Foraging, was released in 2016 on Timber Press. In addition to studying the history of
oaks and acorns across the world and how this ties into the ancient civilizations of the
northern hemisphere, some of John’s current passions include honing his acorn recipes,
bringing the concepts and principles of bioregional herbalism to a wider audience, and
integrating skilled and balanced movement into wilderness explorations of wild plant

You can find out more about John’s work at www.johnjslattery.com or follow him on
Instagram @johnjslatteryherbalist.

Booking options:
Saturday 140 euro
Sunday 150 euro
Weekend 250 euro