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Geraldine Kavanagh grew up in Wicklow and spent most of her time outdoors as a child, she has an innate knowledge and a great love of plants and nature.

Commonly known wild foods such as blackberries, nettles, wild raspberries, beech leaves and sloes were familiar to Geraldine in the early years . She spent a number of years working in organic farming and in artisan food retail, she was manager at award winning Marc Michel Organic Life and The Good Food Store.

Two very cold Winters inspired her to look deeper into the world of wild food foraging - the soil was still cold in May and the vegetable garden was yet to produce any food whilst the hedgerows were abundant with greens, Geraldine began to learn which ones were edible and tasty, she now grows only a small amount preferring to spent her time foraging, wild foods are now part of her family's daily diet.

"Geraldine is happy to share her knowledge of wild foods, especially with her own children who are very enthusiastic foragers. She feels it is so important to pass on this ancient skill to future generations, after all these are the foods that we lived on for most of human history."